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NASA withdraws: What next for Uhuru and Kenyans?

  Undeniably, president Uhuru is a cornered man. Not only is he the first incumbent African president to have his election nullified by “his own court” but he also stares at a possibility of losing his grip on power. Though jubilee sycophants will shout at the top of their voices …

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Fare thee well Tom Warui Wanjohi

To the family of Tom Warui Wanjohi, the third year architecture student at UoN who has succumbed to injuries sustained when police invaded their classroom and clobbered him until he became unconscious, our prayers and thoughts are with you during this trying times. It is sad that you sent your …

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Blame your V.C : Boinnet to UoN students hurt by rogue police.

  Inspector General of police Mr. Boinnet made damming revelations that it is indeed the UoN Vice Chancellor Prof. Peter F. Mbithi who invited the police into UoN premises to “calm down” protesting students. The police, comprising of GSU officers, then proceeded to clobber defenseless students senseless, with videos even …

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There will be no elections, not anytime now

In this past week as a strong believer I have watched and listened to the debate over what no elections mean. I will tell you exactly what no elections mean. On 8/8 Kenyans from all walks and shades of life took to the polling station to pertake of their Democratic …

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Youths Against Radicalization And Violent Extremesim.

Extremism thrives amid ignorance and anger, intimidation and cowardice. On Friday 25TH November, 2016 Kenya Law students Society(KLSS)  came in a feat to start the ‘WE ARE MORE THAN’ campaign. In partnership with JUMUIA YA WANAFUNZI WA PWANI, youths across Mombasa took part in a walk against radicalization and violent …

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