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Way forward; We the people.

Allow me to be stoic today. “What need is there to weep over parts of life, the whole of it calls for tears” said Seneca to his wife and child before being executed. Seneca is one of the greatest stoic of all time. In stoicism hope is the opium of …

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Babu Owino makes Jaguar cry, yet again!

mbakasi East legislator Hon. Babu Owino today made Kigeugeu singer now starehe Mp, Hon. Jaguar Kanyi to yet again weep uncontrollably in public. Hon. Jaguar was last seen weeping in public during the Jubilee nominations, where he was supposedly rigged out by Maina Kamanda, but had since been scolded and …

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NASA withdraws: What next for Uhuru and Kenyans?

  Undeniably, president Uhuru is a cornered man. Not only is he the first incumbent African president to have his election nullified by “his own court” but he also stares at a possibility of losing his grip on power. Though jubilee sycophants will shout at the top of their voices …

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