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Student leader disowns ‘traitor’ colleague’s statements.

Monday, 9th October. Meru University student’s chair disowns disparaging statements. Following the Citizen news that was aired out today 7.00 am ,I wish to distant myself and the entire Meru University leadership from the reckless statement made by one of us in the name Njoroge; politically divisive comments with no …

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The making of a comrade 001.

Author|Balozi Vinny| Comrade 001- Wangila Wabomba Several years ago, a student couldn’t imagine being the centre of attention some days to come. Though with a burning desire to serve from his childhood, rising to have direct access to three powerful governors, several Members of parliament and senators wasn’t in his …

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For centuries it has been a practice which in its name and reference, rarely any positive word comes round and songs have been composed against it with laws being passed nationally and internationally, just to rebuke it and to persuade masses to loathe and avoid it like Satan. My view …

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Our daily newspapers, daily discussions, the headlines on our television channels, social media timelines and platforms are littered with news over graft. Corruption isn’t a new thing to many Kenyans; it has become a cliché in our daily vocabularies. It is a thing that started all the way from the …

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