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Is this the end of the road for Raila?

The much awaited historic swearing in on 30th January came and passed, exposing deep rifts in the NASA coalition with three of the four NASA principals keeping away, leading to further rifts with NASA principals facing endless public ridicule from their own coalition supporters; much to the merriment and joy …

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Babu Owino – Apologize my foot !!

Firebrand legislator Babu Owino has remained adamant that he will not apologize to any person who feels (wrongly) offended by his recent remarks which have been (mis) interpreted by Jubilee supporters as disrespect to the president. In his response, he maintained, “I will not apologize to anyone because I called …

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Babu Owino and the Supreme court bees.

A section of Jubilee party supporters have accused Embakasi East legislator Hon. Babu Owino of being behind their misfortunes early in the day when bees appeared seemingly out of nowhere and mercilessly attacked them, dispersing their anti-Maraga ruling protests around the Supreme court. A pointer to his post that seemed …

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The making of a comrade 001.

Author|Balozi Vinny| Comrade 001- Wangila Wabomba Several years ago, a student couldn’t imagine being the centre of attention some days to come. Though with a burning desire to serve from his childhood, rising to have direct access to three powerful governors, several Members of parliament and senators wasn’t in his …

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