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Student leader’s message to “strike – happy” university dons.


The dons’ union leaders issuing the strike notice.

Following university lecturer’s strike notice issued to newsrooms yesterday by their unions, The University of Nairobi students’ leader, Jamal Birkan has sent out a special appeal to the lecturers at a time when students countryside stare at an uncertain academic journey barely three months since the last strike that completely disrupted academic programmes and even examination schedules.

Kiongozi Jamal at a radio talk show where he voiced his opinion.

“Lecturers are the parents students know in the learning institutions, and thus should be quite considerate on their actions that adversely affect the educational lives of the students they hope to mould to be responsible citizens in the coming days.

As much as we understand our lecturers’ need for better working conditions, their pursuit of the same shouldn’t be as selfish as to lead to the delaying of students’ graduation by a year.

Previous strikes

Take for example, students who were admitted to UoN in September 2016 are yet to progress to second year, courtesy of past work boycotts, those who reported in January 2017 are still in first year, having barely done any exams – and very many lots whose examinations were affected. ” elaborated kiongozi Jamal.

Asked on the likely response by students should the dons make real their threat and down tools, ” It will be most unfortunate if we have another strike, but the message is out there and even the lecturer unionists have it loud and clear that students are not amused at being the victims of the dons – government salary and benefits duels.

Kiongozi Jamal requesting the police to stop rioting around the university.

At one time, students even joined the push by lecturers demanding for better work conditions, but that isn’t the case now. No students share in this ploy that will delay their stay in school.

We respectfully urge our dons to engage the government, without necessarily putting students on the losing end. ”

The right hand of might; the eloquent Kiongozi Jamal

Meanwhile, the respected student leader has wished luck to all students in high gears for their examinations preparation.



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