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Is this the end of the road for Raila?

The much awaited historic swearing in on 30th January came and passed, exposing deep rifts in the NASA coalition with three of the four NASA principals keeping away, leading to further rifts with NASA principals facing endless public ridicule from their own coalition supporters; much to the merriment and joy from the Jubilee side. In fact, I can imagine the laughing teeth of an infamous Jubilee Senator seeing a weeping (watermelon, as he was referred to) Kalonzo trying to explain his absence from the swearing in.

NASA’s Kalonzo explaining his absence at the swearing in.

But begs the question, could this be the end of the road for Raila, beginning of the end perhaps?

First, this road of blunder was paved when Raila withdrew from the presidential run off. The courts were to order that the rerun was invalid without his participation, which jubilee manoeuvred about and second, the voting wasn’t to take place; to meet the legitimacy threshold. Again, jubilee manoeuvred and President Uhuru was sworn and and named his cabinet just recently.

Chief Jutice Maraga: The supreme court could not meet the quorum to rule on the rerun polls’ validity.

NASA supporters happen to be the the most selfless people in this troubled country and they would do anything for Baba, including travelling from all parts of Kenya to attend an outlawed swearing in, all in the hope that it would pave the way for a people’s take over of government with Raila at the helm, but that seems to have been a wild imagination with Raila calling for fresh elections.

Me thinks, many expected drastic things to happen after the swearing in; naming of Raila’s cabinet, intensifying of the resistance agenda and outlining ways of forcing out the “despotic” regime, maybe even a march to Harambee house or State house. Those however, seems not to happening anytime soon by the call for fresh elections.

President Uhuru and his deputy,William Ruto

Fresh elections would see all Governors, Senators, Mps, MCAs back to the road campaigning and something tells me as it does to you, that not even the staunchest of NASA leaders support this. Many haven’t even paid the loans they took to campaign, many have “tasted power” and wouldn’t be ready to risk losing it, just four months after their swearing in and not to forget- many of them were computer generated; summing it up, very few or no leaders will support this call and not many citizens want to go back to the electioneering period of uncertainties and even violence.

Where does that leave Raila?

Raila, at a past presser.

Calling for elections is in itself a show of no confidence in his People’s presidency and with no backing from his friends in the west on this (you have seen Godec and his crew differ with Raila on this), Raila is as good as doomed.

Maybe this could be the exit plan?



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