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BABU OWINO’S UoN succession: Why this guy?

He is a firm believer in the comradeship cause and now a favourite name and figure within and about comrades’ circles.

UoN leaders; Mary Akombe, Ascon Kamili, Jamal Birkan and Opiyo Felix.

Rising in an astronomic short duration of less than a year, while it takes others (woe unto them ) up to five years to be at the level he has fast cruised to, and being undisputably poised to succeed Hon. Babu Owino as the Chairman of SONU, the all powerful University of Nairobi students’ Union, he is turning around the game.

With students and a section of wisemen.

By why HIM?

The incoming comrade’s chair has brought with him a new style of politics; direct engagement with students in their hostels and classrooms. The interactive session with students to follow up on their academic and accommodation issues on a daily basis is a far departure from his supposed opponents who live in an illusional cloud of self importance somewhere in the skies; rarely seen with students, unless they are on their frequent extortion sprees.
With students, friends

He has stood with comrades at their hours of need; during arrests, during harassment by rogue officers, demanding for the timely disbursement of HELB loans and many more. In all cases, he has sunk into his own pockets to solve where money can.
Requesting the police to stop rioting around the university.

He offers a fresh break, a better alternative to his purporting opponents, deep in their 30s and still sticking around (many years past their graduation timelines) to chair students in their late teens and early twenties. Psychologists agree, people (especially the young) feel better and safely represented by those in their age brackets.
with supporters and classmates.

And, despite his deep pockets and vast business interests, he remains humble and accessible, always a phone call away.
A light moment with a diehard supporter, Keno Manwar.

He is, JAMAL BIRKAN, the comrade’s chair.
The right hand of might.



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