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Governor Sonko’s beautification path for Nairobi.

By Fred Omondi Okwany , Nairobi.

Having inherited a city on its knees infamous for the tonnes of garbage littering even right to the doorsteps of the county’s headquarters, City Hall, Governor Mike Sonko took cue and without hesitation, began the recovery path; repositioning the green city in the sun, as it was previously asserted to be, where it rightly should be.

Replanting forgotten flower paths.

Bearing in mind the communal responsibility that weighs on city dwellers in keeping the city clean, council workers have been placed on high alert to stop reckless dumping by organized people out to portray the county leadership in bad light.

A greener Nairobi in the making.

Replanting of city grasses and flowers to improve the general beauty and outlook of the city is a welcome initiative by the capital’s Governor. The natural sense of beauty gives a positive welcome and shift from the endless greys of building structures and vehicles.


Further, the beautification has provided a source of income to the people whose services have been engaged. It goes appreciated that such beneficial programs for the city’s better good also pay in financial gain to those contributing to it.

Work in progress. Beneficial to all

All said, the whole process of beautification instills a sense of responsibility to citizens; their contribution, responsibility to protect and conserve and that of the general city and country’s good.

The first few of much more to come.

Let’s Keep The City Clean

Let’s Fix Nairobi.



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