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Why Karen residents want Hon. Steve Mbogo arrested and detained.


In a protest letter addressed to the Managing Director of environmental body NEMA and copied to the Nairobi County Governor’s office, starehe leader’s Karen neighbours have complained of the frequent helicopter disruptions in their neighbouring and even requested the arrest of the flamboyant youthful leader.

Hon. Mbogo, at a past public gathering.

The neighbours complain of frequent disruptions to their night sleeps and nocturnal activities that often have to be disturbed by the landing and taking off of Hon. Mbogo’s chopper.

However, through his Briton aide a Mr. Kendrick, Hon. Mbogo blames the poor and congested traffic that often leads to delays and broken business deals.

Hon. Mbogo heading to one of his business meetings

Mr. Owade bitterly complains,

“In the spirit of neighborhood, we have tried to reach him but he is ever unavailable. We wonder which kind of people he associates with.

We even tried seeking redress from the police but that too has proven futile after he (Hon. Mbogo) told the OCS that he would only go to the police station if there was enough landing space for his helicopter. Fearing the possible destruction that would come with a chopper landing at the station, the OCS hasn’t pursued the matter again.

We cannot continue living like this. Something has to be done, even if it is an arrest.”

Hon. Mbogo with his longtime friend, Hon. Babu Owino

What follows in the otherwise quiet Karen neighborhood remains to be seen, and for now, speculated .



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