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You owe yourself one good move, quite overdue.


The one good act remaining of you to your whole self is to free yourself from the mental chains tethering you to look up to your almost – equal as more blessed, more witty and one with exclusive right to confine you to servitude.

Overlook the simple favours handed down in bits to keep you chained,

Overlook the packed up lies of a good tomorrow that can only come with the person’s success,

Overlook the promises of a heaven on earth full of goodies that somehow seems will never come,

Overlook the hopes that tie you to dependency; to first look to yourself as unable and be grateful to others,

Overlook the fear of your supposed inability to survive on your own backbone and the illusion that without some specific people you’re lost ,

Debunk the instilled fears that without this habit, this addiction, this organization or this person, you are doomed,


Embrace a free world; in thoughts and action.

One that will present new spaces and endless opportunities without tied conditions for the betterment of you and your surrounding.

How sweet the breath of a free world !





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