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Why Sultan Joho’s idle talks for secession are headed for a big fall.

I am informed that the self proclaimed Sultan has started secession talks at the coast.

The academically challenged Governor my be tempted to think that he is popular and maybe can make the government soil its pants in fear.

How wrong!

The meeting by coastal leaders to call for secession.

Let it be known that Mwai Kibaki was more popular and commanded more following when he called for secession than Joho is now, but He Failed.

In February 1998, in Supili /Ng’arua Laikipia, The Late Kihika, Late Mwenje, then DP Leader Mwai Kibaki led a huge group of central Kenya MPs to mourn those who had been killed in the 1997 state sponsored killings from Likoni to Maela.The Central Kenya MPs openly called for secession and that new country was to include Nakuru, Laikipia, Meru, Embu. The five Central Kenya Counties and Nairobi. Hon Kihika Kimani was to be the mobilizer of the Army..troops.

Hon Mwenje said JKIA was in Embakasi and he would not allow Moi to land on leaving for an international trip. Hon Mwai Kibaki was asked to be ready to be sworn in because he had won the election anyway Hon Kibaki was categorical that a government that kills it’s people has no right to govern them and it’s justified for those being oppressed to secede. He wanted formation of another splinter country (Central Kenya Republic). The secession talks and chest thumping dried and he didn’t talk about them until he became president in 2002.(The story is available in the “Kenya Today” papers)

Mzee Kenyatta and Kibaki, in the long passed days.

Hassan Joho cannot be matched up with Kibaki on whatever grounds; Be it mobilization, leadership or even in executing such a delicate move. In matters of politics Joho is just an inexperienced bull that has no idea on what side to mount a cow.

Whatever he is trying to do had been tried previously by serious fellows (not jokers like him) and they didn’t succeed and he won’t succeed.

Further, the MRC which has previously called for this, yet Johp hoped to use, is an illegal and disliked outfit.

Yours truly

Wabucha Wa Githinji



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