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Must we sacrifice our nationhood in the name of politics and democracy?

By: |Carey Wangare|

If there is one thing this election year has revealed, is the deep hatred that lies beneath peoples hearts.

The country’s national flag which should be a symbol of national unity but is fast losing meaning.

I always look at my country and somehow see the love they show to each other in times of need (Westgate incident, Garissa University attack etc) and outrightly think that we are one, we are together, we are like the earth and sky, you know, one family under the sun; Nevertheless, this past few months have proved me wrong.

Anti riot police; a now normal sight in Kenya’s streets.

During the 2007/2008 election period, Kenyans erupted like active volcanoes located somewhere in Hawaii, causing trauma and unending agony to the ones who were affected. I wonder why, we, human beings never learn.

The social media platform is being abused. One is posting hate speech without any shame and guilt or worse, even the slightest hangover of both.

Facebook and Twitter especially, are the hotbed of those self-proclaimed opinion makers and analysts, whose intentions are quite clear; crush one’s spirit to nothingness.

Sadly, we tend to forget that in the end it does not matter which tribe one comes from, we are all the same, skin deep. The same veins, blood and arteries run through each individual regardless of the tribe; whether a kikuyu, a masaai, the list is endless. Yesterday I happened to check my Facebook account and the highlights we very depressing. Our country has been reduced to a political duel based on tribe. What a pity!

The workers, COTU boss Francis Atwoli at a past function.

Also at the workplaces, a particular tribe is being rejected or stigmatized. This leaves one with a lot of unanswered questions.

What happened to mankind? What happened to our sanity? In the end who bears the consequences? Should one use a blueprint to judge people from a particular tribe? The common stereotypes that have taken root?

We all have unrehearsed stories of how one way or another we get affected. The political tension in this country is way beyond average and if this continues we might land ourselves in an economic depression, a gruesome situation in which we shall all suffer, together irrespective of our political affiliations; Note the word together.

If wishes were horses, one could wish for a monarchy system of leadership. Just saying, maybe democracy has messed us up, do not get this twisted though.
Love, peace, joy, all this terms seem to lack meaning in this country. Patriotism is no longer a virtue among Kenyans, no more striving to get what is best for our motherland. The people we look up to cannot see the bigger picture but rather each wants to satisfy their own selfish interest. No love, to some it is a foreign language.

We need a change of heart and go back to where we were;

Moreover, we need to look at that past we have come from, those coffee plantation camps, sisal camps, the enslavement and the blood that was shed for our freedom.

A fellow Kenya is not the enemy here; look beyond what you see.

“May we dwell in unity, peace and liberty.”



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