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My message to Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon. Raila Odinga.


We are treading on a very slippery ground as a nation, the optics are not looking good in the just concluded voting process that the Rt.Hon Raila terms as Jubilee nominations. From the cornfields of kitale, adjacent to the hamlets in Bungoma, proximity to the sugarcane plantations in Kakamega, something is seriously wrong .

Anti riot police; a now normal sight in Kenya’s streets.

We can not ignore the conspicuous anger in Nyanzaland, the emotional firestorms running through the banana plantains in Kisii. It is time to seek for national dialogue than any other time in our history. All the way into the state capital in Nairobi, on our way to the coastal geography of the nation, all is not through.

Let us be sincere, where ever we choose as our vantage point in the nation, to stand and cast our telescopic eye view to the North of Garrisa, Central, East and South the nation, something is wrong .

Recent demonstrations in the country’s capital.

Luckily it looks like we have escaped substantial bloodshed, but the hatred among us is huge, we may dismiss this sitution and even cite old democracies like USA that yes there must be a division right in the middle -But Kenya is not USA.

Its time to admit our weaknesses, our failures, our assumptions and our overgrown egos, it’s time to stop the politics of brinkmanship and chest thumping to save the nation Kenya. We have come a long way and It is time we start talking to each other not at each other. The verbal and physical alternations towards each other is about to get us to a tipping point .

Mr president (others say caretaker president) you need to listen to yourself. Lock yourself somewhere in a room without Mama Taifa, without the influence our DP, without the Mouth piece of the Government Hon Duale. Same to Hon. Raila; Kiongozi get a lonely room in the absence of mama Ida, in the absence Hon James Orengo and Moses Masika Wetangula.

The top Jubilee and NASA leadership.

Let the two of you emerge to reach each other without preset conditions, like brothers you need to save this nation from further predicted disintegration .

We only fall short glory of our conscience if we lie to ourselves that all is well when it isn’t.

This nation is greater than the two of you and if this country burns, history will have you two to blame.

Wangila Wabomba
Meru University President



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