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Way forward; We the people.

Allow me to be stoic today.

“What need is there to weep over parts of life, the whole of it calls for tears” said Seneca to his wife and child before being executed. Seneca is one of the greatest stoic of all time. In stoicism hope is the opium of the emotions.

As a country we like weeping over petty issues albeit we are in tough mud from January to December. But, we say to ourselves things will be okay.

The jubilee brigade at a recent “prayer rally”.

Truth is vital at such times; not hope. As George Orwell told us in the Animal farm, “in time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Thumps up to honourable men like Miguna Miguna and Herman Bond Manyora for standing in the side of truth.

Miguna Miguna at a recent TV show, from where he was banned forthwith for refusing to sugarcoat the truth


October 26th will go down in history as Kenya’s Darkest day; leave alone the Kivuitu Mischief. The bad thing now is emotions are whipped so high that many Kenyans are highly charged and highly tempered more than Raila. If you watch David Ndii talking of secession you’ll get exactly what I’m saying. It’s David Ndii who said “If Uhuru is declared president in another sham election this country will burn.” This sentiment is nothing far from truth. I watched the slain Father Oduor addressing mourners at the “butchered” student funeral in Kisumu and I couldn’t stop wondering. How many Kenyans feel robbed? How many feel something needs to change?

Methinks the numbers are in millions.

Anti riot police

If the status quo prevails and elections are held this otherwise beautiful country -in the words of David Ndii- will burn: not might. It will be terrible nothing will be okay.


In between August 8th and 1st, many households were involved in alot of shopping -in the name of stocking food- due to fear. It’s ludicrous. My good lecturer of political theory once told us that in times of war, eating isn’t an option. Security comes first before breathing. As a country we should start rehearsing for the worst scenarios. This will embolden us for any kind of eventuality that might follow.

As a student of the University of Nairobi I know more than anyone that in times of crisis like such it’s either you’re with the majority or surrender. In stoicism, if you can’t take it suicide is always an option.


Hope only lifts you higher for the eventual fall. Let’s be stoic for once, it’s high time we demand what we want: article 2 of the kenyan constitution. We no longer need to demonstrate, file petitions and picket. We need to exercise our powers in ways that we’ve never tried. It won’t be a walk in the park. It’s just a matter of time before separation of powers are declared null and void by the executive. It’s just a matter of time that such writing will be considered treasonous. It’s just a matter of time that killing will be authorized in this country. Are we moving forward or backward?

President Uhuru kenyatta, the ruthless commander in chief

Indeed, the only good thing that ever happened in Kenya is gaining independence, everything else that followed is just a story.

That said and done; I’m not stoic.

Bruno M Otiato



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