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Expect a cholera outbreak in Kenya as 26th approaches – Atwoli.


COTU Secretary General and renowned firebrand trade unionist Bro. Francis Atwoli is back again, this time hitting the government in a low well aimed blow that speaks volumes quite sarcastically.

Speaking yesterday, the vocal defender of workers jibed in his characteristic abrasive style.

“Tunajua ukora ya hawa watu uchaguzi ikikaribia. Utaskia kuna Cholera kuanzia hizi hoteli kubwa kubwa. Wageni hawataingia nchini.”

The tough talking Bro. Francis Atwoli at a past function.

His statement roughly translates to,

“We know these people’s tricks when elections approaches. You’ll hear of a cholera outbreak beginning with our lucrative hotels (preferred by foreigners). Foreigners won’t come into the country.

Bro. Atwoli was evidently alluding to the pre-August 8th cholera outbreaks at the KICC and Weston Hotels, a dramatic cholera case that sent quite a number of foreign observers back to their countries out of the fear of being infected.

The IEBC team, that has promised credible elections amidst doubts and contradictions.

Is there a connection between a possible Cholera outbreak, foreign observers and elections?
Seemingly YES.

In the sarcastic hint by Bro. Atwoli, this could be a way of keeping international observers out of Kenya; to keep the ugly and bloody happenings within then control the media on what to, and what not to air. Meaning that social media would be the only worry, but it can always be discredited as being exaggerated or fake.

Bro. Atwoli with President Uhuru, at a past labour day function.

Should that happen, then Kenyans have a lot to fear; especially those with the mind of demonstrating on the 26th of October; a day which the government and the electoral body are going all systems to legitimize a contentious election.





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