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Is Miguna Miguna exposing NASA plans for a coup?


Controversial lawyer turned activist, Dr. Miguna Miguna seems to be a man on a mission; a mission dirty enough but is already being noticed.

On his verified Dr. Miguna Miguna Facebook page, he has made the following worrying posts.

Oct 13, 16:23hrs.
The @PoliceKE have butchered civilians in Nyanza and Nairobi. @UKenyatta should remember that Museveni started his guerilla with only 27 boys.

A violent and armed NASA protestor. Are they the ones Miguna is falling to guerrilla ARMS?

What guerrilla was Dr. Miguna alluding to?

Does he know something already in plan that we don’t, especially considering his investigative abilities and skills?

Oct 13, 23:21hrs
The compromised githeri media, church and colonial ambassadors have gone mute as innocent civilians are butchered. I’m calling for ARMS.

Isn’t this just plain enough?
Is this connected to the arms said to be at Wanjigi’s and other places we might not know?

Oct 15, 08:50hrs
Liberation is never given. It’s fought for and won. The Kenyan freedom fighters will fight and win. No surrender. No fear!.

Frankly speaking, I fear for Kenyans and Kenya as a country.

Miguna Miguna at a recent TV show, from where he was banned forthwith.

In a pinned poem/letter on his page to Kenyans, Dr. Miguna Miguna pens,

Stop Running. Arm Yourself. Stand Your Ground. Fight Back

Miguna Miguna, October 14, 2017

The Barbarians are here.
Arm yours
Stop running!
Arm yourselves!
Stand your ground!
Fight back!
Stand your ground!
Arm yourself!
Stop running!
Fight back!

Organise yourselves in small and large groups!
Organise yourselves in your neighbourhoods!
Organise yourselves in your work places!
Organise yourselves in schools, colleges and universities!
Organise yourselves in your villages!
Organise yourselves in your towns and cities!
Whether you are an ethnic majority or minority, the Barbarians are coming for you.
Stop running!
Fight back!

Whether you are Kamba,
Whether you are Kabras or Kuria…….:
Stop running! Arm yourself! Stand your ground! Fight back!

Whatever your ethnicity, race, gender or age: The Barbarians are coming for you!
They may be armed but we outnumber them!

We have a right and duty to respect, uphold and defend the Constitution!
We have a duty to defend our democracy!

Stop running!
Arm yourselves!
Stand your ground!
Fight back!
Dr. Miguna Miguna is a Kenyan Freedom Fighter! 

Isn’t this an extraordinary poem dedicated to Luos and those from western Kenya?

Don’t you find this worrying?

Summing it up on the NTV SIDEBAR show, remarks that led to an exchange with the host Larry Madowo who eventually had to ban him from the show, Miguna Miguna started his closing remarks …

“Revolutions are made from blood …..”

I am really afraid, not just because of Miguna’s postings and words but I’m afraid because we all know who he is working for, who has sent him and what these people wish for Kenya.

We must stop them.

God help Kenya.



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