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The NASA coup is happening, right before our eyes!

By: Wabucha Githinji: Fb
Fellow patriots the coup is happening. It is real.

Yesterday, the opposition made the clarion call at the Kamukunji grounds. The leadership charged the foot soldiers into action.

A declaration to hold a mother of all demonstration on the election day was made.

Kenya’s democratically elected president, HE Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.
Some of the key note speakers hinted violence. One is quoted to have instructed the Masses to storm any police station that dared arrest any of them. Another one indicated that police can only shoot a few. There was also another one who said they will close all roads within Nairobi. In other words, they will not allow anyone to vote. As we speak police are hunting down one of the principals daughter and a lakeside senator for inciting goons to attack IEBC officials during a training session in the area. The only way to stop elections is by violence.
violent NASA demonstrators
Intelligence reports indicate that as at close of yesterday, over 18 modern coast buses had already been booked for an unknown operation. Yesterday, I was issued with a clip of a soldier who was begging members of a his community not to participate in the dark plan of their masters. He further explains that something big was about to happen and the state was out to deal with it as ruthless as possible.(you can slide to my inbox for the link). He further explains whey a convoy of over 10 police lorries full of multi-agency troops was seen heading to a certain direction of the country. Further reports indicate that expatriates acting on advice of their embassies, have started relocating and withdrawing (sic) their children from international schools.

The senator for Makueni Mutula jnr, laid the plan bare last night. He said on a live TV discourse with other intellects, “what we shall be having on 26th is a violent protest”. When the Electoral bill passed in Parliament last week, the said lawyer is on record saying “ kanuke…kama mbaya mbaya”. The bill is the only hope for us to have an election 26th. Now that Chebukati will eventually resign, the bill ensures that nothing can stop 26th other than God. The silly boy Babu Owino had made treasonous statement at Kawangware when he alluded they would remove Uhuru the Gambia or Libya way. Chebukati yesterday said Uhuru and Raila must hold talks failure to which he will stop being the Chairman. In other words, Chebukati just resigned without resigning.

Chairman chebukati, who is under pressure from NASA to resign

From where am typing from, I can assure you patriots that the state is very well aware of the scheme. The raid on the Oligarch that exposed deadly weapons was done on interests of public safety. It is not always you hear the president ask citizens to pray. Patriots we need to pray and above all maintain peace. Preach peace and don’t forget to go and vote on 26th. We must defeat the plans of the evil.

They must fall.



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