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REVEALED: Chebukati to also resign in the NASA – planned civilian coup.


By: Wabucha wa Githinji: Fb

When we said that IEBC Chair Wanyonyi Wafula Chebukati was going to resign any time, we were called jubilee bloggers.

Now that the crooked Akombe has resigned, you can only wait a little for Chebukati’s resignation.

According to documents at the headquarters, he will be out of office for at least five days. He is also reported to have threatened to resign during the crisis meeting after Raila withdrew.

Sources have informed us that he is having a problem in actualizing the resignation; The law requires him to write a letter to President expressly requesting for the same. Writing to the President would legitimize Uhuru’s presidency who the opposition have continually referred to a ‘temporally incumbency‘ president. It is also important to note that Akombe hasn’t written to the president for the same reason.

However, it is clear that Chebukati and another commissioner will eventually resign before 26th. This is supposed to reduce the number of Commissioners to four.

The IEBC Act requires the quorum to be at least five commissioners. With only 4 commissioners the commission can not hold an election. And that was the last plan to ensure no elections on 26th.

It is a well drafted coup patriots. We shall keep exposing them.

They must fall, Kenya must stand.



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