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NASA withdraws: What next for Uhuru and Kenyans?


Undeniably, president Uhuru is a cornered man. Not only is he the first incumbent African president to have his election nullified by “his own court” but he also stares at a possibility of losing his grip on power.

Though jubilee sycophants will shout at the top of their voices that everything is normal, they know nothing is normal and they are the ones to blame; with their myopic amendments that they sneaked to Parliament which NASA has named as one of its reason for quitting the race, compounded with the lack of reforms in the IEBC, the country’s electoral agency.

What now becomes of president Uhuru’s presidency ?

Who takes over?

Sources point to a Speaker Justin Muturi caretaker presidency;

From Raila Odinga 2013 case ruling

“[PARAGRAPH 290] Suppose, however, that the candidates, or a candidate who took part in the original election, dies or abandons the electoral quest before the scheduled date: then the provisions of Article 138(1) (b) would become applicable, with fresh nominations ensuing.”
Inevitably, leading the country to prepare for yet another fresh nomination of presidential candidates and subsequently, elections.

The Ruto-axis of the Jubilee coalition is most uncomfortable with this arrangement, being that they will be completely out of power; speaker Justin Muturi being from Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee side.

Another feared consequence of this is the Gikuyu inter county power scramble, with the tight unity expected to be shaken after the realisation that the seat of power can very likely shift from the Kiambu – Nyeri – Kiambu base that it has revolved.

Another point of worry is whether Uhuruto will really handover power and if so, would Justin Muturi play neutral in his caretaker position?

The caretaker government is  also to make preparations for the next elections, how successful will they be?

How the speaker Justin leadership comes out to be, remains to be seen but Kenya as at its biggest test in history, that’s for sure.



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