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Babu Owino makes Jaguar cry, yet again!

mbakasi East legislator Hon. Babu Owino today made Kigeugeu singer now starehe Mp, Hon. Jaguar Kanyi to yet again weep uncontrollably in public.

Hon. Jaguar was last seen weeping in public during the Jubilee nominations, where he was supposedly rigged out by Maina Kamanda, but had since been scolded and he repented in church, and promised not to weep again.

In a fight that ensued in Parliament buildings this afternoon, Hon. Jaguar approached Babu stealthily from the back, hoping to surprise him and knock him down flat, envious of Babu’s hardline stance against Jubilee’s tyrannical laws, but the youthful Babu who has two Tae Kwon do belts outdit him, giving him a defense jab before taking a good stance where he landed three successive kicks on jaguar, who cried out loud for help from his security detail who rushed to his aid, but stopped midway, not sure on how safe it was to approach the enraged Hon. Owino.

“Raila ndiye president, huyo caretaker….”

Hon. Owino was heard loudly fuming as Hon. Jaguar was led away.

Moments later, with his security detail in tow, Hon. Jaguar yet again made back to Hon. Owino, “huyu pia anataka vita…”

Unfortunately for him, he didn’t escape, with more beatings that left the Kigeugeu singer loudly wailing with reports that he lost two plastic teeth in the beating. His aides have however denied it, fearing that NEMA would come after him having banned the use of plastic material.



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