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Student leader disowns ‘traitor’ colleague’s statements.

Monday, 9th October.

Meru University student’s chair disowns disparaging statements.

Following the Citizen news that was aired out today 7.00 am ,I wish to distant myself and the entire Meru University leadership from the reckless statement made by one of us in the name Njoroge; politically divisive comments with no sound blacking.

Yes, his name speakes louder than the leadership skills in him and it betrays him without doubt.
His unfortunate statements were not only reckless but also misguided to the public domain.

We as student fraternity of Meru University, we condemn in aggressive totality, the barbaric and inhuman act of police brutality meted on our brothers and sisters from the University of Nairobi and we will continue to stand by them as they pursue justice and redress.

I wish to remind Boinnet and his mercenaries that lecture rooms are not police stations, not battle fields and neither are hostels places of relief where police on dry spell get the chance to harm and arm our beloved sister comrades.

I vehemently warn that “boy” who was used by agents of Satan that Hon Babu Owino is not his equal, neither is he his political nor academic peer. Let him refrain from attacking him. He can only address primary pupils but not Hon Babu.

To save our beloved institution from such embarrassments, I will be taking him to Meru polytechnic this evening .

Let Peace Prevail.

Wangila Wabomba
Meru University Students Council

FB: Hon. Wangila Wabomba



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