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LUO elders seek Raila’s word on his ‘son’ Babu Owino.


The Luo Council of elders , as revealed, recently called for a secretive special meeting with the NASA leader Hon. Raila Odinga to formally get his word on his rising political son, Embakasi East legislator Hon. Babu Owino.

According to Mr. Okung’ Kamkula, a council member,

“Ne wadwaro ng’eyo chenro ma Agwambo nikodo kod rawechwa ma Babu. Dibed ni otiege mondo otegno okaw kare koso Babu dhi matek mondo wahoye obed mos. Ka Agwambo tiege to ber, en rawera ma nyalo tayo aganda maber…”

Which roughly translates to,

” We wanted to know the plans Agwambo (Raila) has with our young son Babu Owino. Could it be that he (Raila) is coaching Babu to be a tough politician or Babu is just too hasty in his politics so that we talk him to “go slow”. If he’s under Raila’s direct watch, that’s good because he’s a man who can lead multitudes.”

In what could be described as having turned into a familiarization process, the enigma (Raila) played cool in his proverbial manner of responses and cast off any worries; further reassuring those present with his characteristic humorous responses .

“Jodongo uwinja…
Rawera ni nitie e lweta, okonya lweny malo kucha. Ahero chir kod kinda ma en godo. Kata otin kamano, ka ologo maber, donge onyalo chiemo gi jodongo?…
Kik uluor..”

Roughly translating to,

“Hear me elders,
This young man (Babu Owino) is under my (political) care, he’s helping me in the national struggle. I like the determination and courage he has. Though young as he is, if he washes his hands clean, can he dine with elders ? (rhetorical)
Do not worry …”

Plans are also underway to fully install Hon. Babu Owino as a luo elder where he will present sixteen virgin goats and seven bulls for the ceremony. His wife is also expected to attend the mega ceremony that will be graced by King Mswati.




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  1. Babu cannot fit in Raila’s shoe. Maybe years to come.

  2. Seriously?
    I don’t think it’s wise. But let’s wait and see if Babu can be our kingpin.

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