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Top TEN similarities between Hon. BABU OWINO of Kenya and Hon. BOBI WINE of Uganda.

There are unmistakable similarities between the legislators;

1.) Both are 1st time MPs. Babu represents Embakasi East, Bobi wine represents Kyadondo East.

2.) Both were public figures before joining national politics. Babu Owino being a renown student’s and youths defender and Bobi Wine being a renown artiste.

3.) Both are millionnaires and made their first million in somalia. Bobi wine made his in Mogadishu selling charcoal, while Babu Owino made his in Kismayu selling polythene bags.

4.) Both had a humble childhood. Babu’s mother sold chang’aa to make ends meet while Bobi wine’s mother was a hawker in the streets of kampala.

5.) Both MPs were arrested last month for defying the presidency. Babu allegedly called Uhuru kenyatta a “puppy”. Bobi wine opposed move by Ugandan Mps to change constitution to allow museveni vie again for president.

6.)Both are known mostly by their nicknames than by their real names. Babu Owino’s birth name is Paul Ongili…Bobi wine’s birth name is Robert Kyagulanyi.

7.) Both were overwhelmingly elected after winning over 60% of the votes cast in their constituencies. Babu got 65% in Embakasi East, Bobi wine got 67% in kyadondo East.

8.) Both have declared intentions to vie for presidency in their respective countries. Bobi wine will vie for uganda’s presidency in 2026, Babu Owino will vie for kenya’s presidency in 2027.

9.) Both have wives who studied Economics at University. Surprisingly,both their wives are also left-handed and were are matrons of the Sunday schools in their churches.

10.) Both are feared by their governments. They are also feared by Alshabab and Boko Haram, and especially feared by ISIS.





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  1. Nice comparison. But appear more enigmatic and his charisma is much higher than Bobi’s.

  2. Babu is still a child. In as much as he is still after fame or popularity,it was too bad.

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