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Blame your V.C : Boinnet to UoN students hurt by rogue police.


Inspector General of police Mr. Boinnet made damming revelations that it is indeed the UoN Vice Chancellor Prof. Peter F. Mbithi who invited the police into UoN premises to “calm down” protesting students.

The police, comprising of GSU officers, then proceeded to clobber defenseless students senseless, with videos even showing sexual assault and beatings inside hostels and libraries.

Seeking to exonerate the police of trespassing into the institutions premises, IG Boinnet clarified on national television that his officers would never intrude into an institution without the direct order of the top management.

“We heeded the VC’s calls that there were errant students demonstrating in the university and we had to act on it. He gave us express permission to get in and restore order. We must clarify that.”

Unknown to IG Boinnet, his revelations couldn’t come at a worse time, noting that UoN students and parents have vowed to evict Prof. Mbithi from office.

“We are tired of incompetence and complete ignorance of comrades’ rights. Students cannot be killed because of orders from an incompetent administrator which is busy arbitrarily expelling students and eating student union funds.
It’s trending everywhere…
#MbithiMustGo …”

The angry student, Ogao Head boy quipped.




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  1. Where did this idiot Boinet go to school? You know one can’t just be deceived especially a high figure like Boinet. How did Mbithi convinced him? His sure was he about what Mbithi told him?

  2. Wyllice O. Okeyo

    Boinet must be serious. Kimaiyo was not that bad like this man. He doesn’t qualify to be in that post.

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