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SHOCKING: UoN students reveal ruthless torture by police in Babu’s arrest protests.

Author|Anthony Manyara|
Today marked a sad day for University of Nairobi and the entire students body countrywide.

What was a peaceful protest by students was turned to a chance by policemen to vent their anger and frustrations.
Many students have been injured already. Some taken to hospital.

Police torturing innocent first years at the prefabs hostels, UoN

ADD (Engineering) students have always been peaceful as well. Yet there is humiliation, harassment and attacks. This is unacceptable.

We feel this is a collaboration between the university and the ministry of Internal Security. The laws always stipulate that no police officers should access Student premises. Yet they have beaten ladies in hall 4, hall 5; men in Mamlaka A and B, students residing in Prefabs. Sadly, most of those injured are first years.

Unprecedented police aggression inside the UoN hostels and class blocks today.

We’re writing a letter to the senate that will be signed by almost all student leaders to tell them if they fail to withdraw violent advances by the police, there will be a backlash which is better imagined than seen come to effect.

Many students are injured already. And we know students won’t stop demonstrating any time soon due to various problems that always seem to arise.

Anthony Manyara,
Campus Governor
Engineering and Architecture.
The University of Nairobi.



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