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Babu Owino – Apologize my foot !!

Firebrand legislator Babu Owino has remained adamant that he will not apologize to any person who feels (wrongly) offended by his recent remarks which have been (mis) interpreted by Jubilee supporters as disrespect to the president.

In his response, he maintained,

“I will not apologize to anyone because I called nobody’s name during my yesterday’s address.

We have so many presidents in Kenya, from the President of the Supreme court to all presidents of student unions in Kenya, President of Youth senate and many more.

However I will stick to objective politics and will never abuse anybody. Let my brothers and sisters from the kikuyu nation know that I did not abuse their president. One kenya one nation.

Lastly, in law calling someone a “mtoto wa umbwa” (a puppy) is not an abuse.
God bless Kenya.”

His long time handler, Bishop Ndege Serikal clarified on the same,

“The problem is that Babu used complex literary techniques in an informal gathering. Babu simply meant that if Bull dogs (feared dictators) like Gaddafi and Gbagbo were toppled by people’s power, What of Uhuru?Comparing Uburu to Gaddafi the “bulldog” , Uhuru is a “puppy”.
There’s no offense meant in that, it is very much in order. Those calling for Babu’s circumcision should first circumcise their comprehension.”

Politics is for the hardened few, isn’t it?



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  1. If Babu Owino could only realise or know that by abusing president somebody doesn’t become famous……..

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