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Why you should date as many ladies as possible while still in campus.

A close buddy once asked me why I lost interest in her curvaceous classmate who according to him, was a blessed young and charming ‘yello yello’ girl with a huge package at her disposal and was every man’s dream ‘prayer partner’’.

My answer was short, clear and simple. “You don’t know how disgusting Maya is. She’s not who you think and I have to move on, perhaps to greener lands.” I answered Martin. Showing signs of still expecting a more elaborate answer, I invited to him for a cup of coffee the following day at one of the Java houses, presumably at sarit centre since I preferred that one due to its beautiful ushers, servers and above all it being away from the city centre’s chaotic natures.

Marto, as he is nicknamed- is a man of big dreams and a lover of all the luxuries of life, from posh cars, touring luxurious cities and beaches, having a ‘good’ money and love for women among others- beeped me up very early the next day, suspiciously inquiring about our meeting. Though having a busy schedule, with nothing much in reality to do apart from chasing after newbie’s in town, I met Martin in Westlands at a quarter to six, as that was the ideal time for meeting after having a ‘busy’ day.

At the end of our meeting, I learnt a lot from Martin. I came to learn that for one to survive in relationships in campus without suffering depressions, he needed to date at least ten ladies. Martin had just broken up with Lucy, a pretty third year mechanical engineering lass who happened to be his twelfth campus girlfriend. This revelation really amazed me and left me flabbergasted as I imagined what would have happened to me if at all I tried such a trick on my ‘girlfriend’.

I tried reflecting on his utterances and came to a conclusion that whatever he said was true. Male comrades have become endangered species with unlimited exposure and left between a rock and a hard place in desiring what is preferential to them. If a comrade dates only one lady, he is at a higher risk of suffering depressions, loneliness, become financially incapacitated and as result will perform poorly in class, thinking and in general behavior. This may consequently cause mental disorder.

On the other hand dating many girls is a blessing one should not let go. It offers varieties of merits and flavors to comrades. You don’t have to stress yourself about a single lady because you know there are backups when needed. Moreover, it offers a comrade with an opportunity to improve efficiently in coursework, relationship tips and the opportunity to evaluate the kind of available ladies who qualify as wife materials. Following the concrete advise offered to me by Martin, I can categorically state that am I happy man, because since I broke up with my former girlfriend Maya, I managed to serenade a quite a number of ladies and I can happily boast of having eight ladies at my disposal.

Dating many ladies is not a crime; neither is it being unfaithful to your first girlfriend since it’s not a secretive thing. All one need to do is be true to his conscience and ladies too need to accept that they are too many than we men and if we decide to have only one lady per comrade, then  many ladies will forever remain single. To my fellow men, to avoid depression and poor reasoning, heed to my advice because at the end of the day, you’ll realize that a comrade is never wrong.

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