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Babu Owino and the Supreme court bees.

A section of Jubilee party supporters have accused Embakasi East legislator Hon. Babu Owino of being behind their misfortunes early in the day when bees appeared seemingly out of nowhere and mercilessly attacked them, dispersing their anti-Maraga ruling protests around the Supreme court.

A pointer to his post that seemed to relish the incident along with other NASA supporters who had taken issue with the partisanship of the police in dealing with the jubilee supporters whenever they demonstrate, his controversial Facebook post did not go down well with some of his followers.

The facebook post by Hon.Babu Owino

One of the victims, Jeff Mosiria bitterly lamented over the same,
“This is totally immoral and is not far from witchcraft. Bees have bit my left buttock sixteen times and I cannot even sit down.
Imagine my girlfriend had to watch me helplessly as I ran around wailing loudly, it makes me bitter she was somehow pleased. I think we will break up. I can’t stomach this kind of enormous shame because of Babu and Raila”

The duo Hon.Babu and Hon.Raila, believed to be close friends.

A close confidant to the lawmaker, Mr. Chrispoh Nyagaya refused to comment authoritatively on the matter, only giving brief commentaries,
“God is angry with the rotten leadership in Kenya and this might be one of his plagues to free Kenya of poor leadership; a leadership that even threatens the Chief justice who is a man of God.

Let’s read Exodus 23:28
And I will send the bees ahead of you to drive your enemy out of your way. “



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