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There will be no elections, not anytime now

In this past week as a strong believer I have watched and listened to the debate over what no elections mean. I will tell you exactly what no elections mean.

On 8/8 Kenyans from all walks and shades of life took to the polling station to pertake of their Democratic right to vote. The whole process seemed seamless and few hours to days later their was calls from both the national and international communities for the Opposition leader and flagbearer to ‘accept, concede and move on’.


Armed with evidence to challenge the transmission process,Raila and the NASA team hit the supreme court and its now a matter of the public that elections purportedly happened but in reality, there was no elections but a computer generation in disguise.

Fast forward……

The country lost over 45 B taxpayers money and we have to go back with 20 B to ensure a fresh presidential election.

Panelist aligned to Jubilee will tell you the supreme court declaration should have taken into consideration the economic impact the pronouncement would have days later but wouldn’t the IEBC done this too?

All said and done, would you be willing to engage in a business transaction with a party who has crossed you in the past?

Your guess is as good as mine!. Would you go line knowing numbers start trickling in by 16/10 when the actual election is a day later. I thought so?


So when NASA says there will be no elections they mean just that. Vifaranga vya computer will be a product of IEBC as currently constituted and we must Rethink what we want as a nation…. A clear process where anyone who loses agrees or a purported elections . IEBC…. Your turn!






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  1. We need no elections but president Raila to be sworn in

  2. Good one

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