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The making of a comrade 001.

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Comrade 001- Wangila Wabomba

Several years ago, a student couldn’t imagine being the centre of attention some days to come. Though with a burning desire to serve from his childhood, rising to have direct access to three powerful governors, several Members of parliament and senators wasn’t in his imaginative reach, and it came to pass.
That is the fast rising university student leader, Wangila Wabomba better known as comrade 001.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, Wangila’s mentor who helped him shape his vision

As he would narrate,
“My early childhood was plagued by difficulties which I took in good stride. Not once did I sit somewhere to cry and whine about my poor state but instead I made an inner resolve to be the change that I wanted and it paid.
No one holds the key to a better future to ourselves if not us and I’m a proud living example.
There are things that don’t choose or discriminate and whether you’re poor or rich, you have a talent and ambition. Mine was leadership which I started to mould since my days at Talitia primary school”

The flamboyant yet humble student leader took the leadership task right from primary schooling holding prefect positions and capping it up with extra oratory acumen and public speech, representing his region, now Bungoma county in the Kenya Primary Leadership fora.

“Any chance any one of us gets to represent any institution or body, remember that all eyes and hopes are on you. Give it your best” He would say

And it didn’t stop there, the early exposure to representation opened more doors for him and secondary schooling at Kabula Boys High school was another ample opportunity to represent effectively and he didn’t disappoint.

Back in High School

“I held so many positions of leadership and was often out representing the school that at one time friends and family wondered whether I had sacrificed academics for co-curriculars, but it didn’t bother me. I had worked well on managing my time and catching up on academics”

It is one such representative encounters that made him meet the then Finance minister Uhuru Kenyatta and since then, he has lost count of the national leaders he has had talks and meetings with.

“Though I might not be able support him currently for presidency because his neglect of the students’ interests, he challenged me positively back then and his humility beat it all. Beyond the political Uhuru he now is, there is a good man beneath.”

Ripe from High school, Mr. Wabomba would successfully contest for the Bungoma students association, a position which in the course of service, endeared him to several prominent leaders including Senator Wetangula who has since then been a close associate and mentor.

Having encountered several hurdles himself and having seen student’s run down conditions, joining university was an instant pointer for him to venture into the murky waters of student leadership. But it wasn’t easy.

“My candidature would seem somehow controversial as I soon realized I was a figure some elements in the university management were determined not to clear my candidature for some flimsy reasons. Twice, they refused to clear me to vie despite students’ demands and I took the pain of cooling students not to demonstrate on my behalf but I was convinced that God’s timing was the best, and when it came this year, there was no shred of doubt.”

Relaxing at Meru University

The formerly little known student from an almost unknown village is on a determined journey.

With him, Meru University has been thrust into the public limelight as the nickname comrade 001, which he got from Mombasa Gvnr Joho on their last meeting, goes ahead of him.

With eyes set on KUSO leadership, the future remains bright.



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