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Why IEBC’s Chiloba will resign before elections are held.

Author|James Raballa|

Many do not seem to believe that IEBC C.E.O and Head of Secretariat the famous beautiful Ezra Chiloba is on his way home, but it’s the hard truth. He will not preside over the repeat elections and this is why;

The poll body IEBC stands currently as the least trusted institution in the country and in the international world view. Not only did the Supreme court confirm everyone’s fears but the body also convicted itself by having no good reason not to open the servers which are said to “contain Raila’s victory”. All these stand attributed to the CEO, who NASA accuses of working in the interest of the government of the day.

….IEBC neglected,failed and refused to conduct a credible election

Following the ruling, the chairman Mr. Chebukati launched a redemption drive to save the commission face which pitted him against the CEO, who according to many, knows more than he is telling with regard to the bangled election.
With the mounting political pressure with Chiloba on the defensive, any loss poll outcome to the NASA coalition will be unaccepted and blamed directly on him. And they will say
*We said Chiloba is working to rig with Jubilee, see, he has done it again”* and public opinion will favour the narrative.

It is believed that the peace truce at the recent commission retreat is to assure the public that all is well before Chiloba resigns honourably, citing medical reasons just like former devolution CS. Anne Waiguru.

University students, especially UoN Adventists, remember Chiloba as the young man of God, a religious figure who was well respected before the IEBC job gave him a whole new definition; Chilobae then now Chilobye . Many remember that Rt. Hon. Raila has never budged when he says an office holder “has to go” and all remember that NASArites will go full length to see Chiloba out, even if it means resumption of Monday demos at IEBC offices. Chiloba knows this too well, and not to further soil his already soiled name for the sake of his faith, he’s on his way out.

The (former) religious Ezra Chiloba.

Suppose Chiloba doesn’t go, and elections happen (suppose still) whichever side wins, Chiloba will still be a man under siege for obvious reasons. And he’ll still be hounded out of office; this time dishonourably.
He’s just bidding time, as he’s packing and confirming all his dues and benefits are paid before he makes the announcement.

He’s heading home.

Son of the Soil.



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  1. Chiloba must go home. Kenyans are upset

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