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Rekindling hope in Homa bay’s fishing industry.

Guest Author|Dan Opande|

Probably, nothing much of hope rings in one’s mind when Homabay’s fishing industry is mentioned; and it could largely be true owing to a range of factors; From dwindling fish stocks, inadequate storage facilities, outdated fishing methods and even market unpredictability.

A once full and active fish receiving beach and sale point, now without much activity .

The once thriving industry is almost entirely deserted save for a few whose daily livelihood is directly pegged on fishing. Many have left the trade for crop and animal farming and trades that offer immediate cash like boda boda and shoe shining.

Students tour Chuoe beach, Karachuonyo sub county; a promising fishing village.

But that shouldn’t be the case, and shall not, God willing, be the case.

An improved approach to the economic activity and support from organizations and even the county government will set things right, to bring back to its feet once again, the economic activity that gives the Luos their identity.

Given the county Governor’s commitment to completing his earlier launched projects, locals should expect the fast tracking of the earlier signed agreement with Lake View Fisheries Limited, a private company, to invest in cage fishing on Mfangano and nearby Islands.
Cage farming

Fish cages in the lake victoria; a possible solution to reviving the industry.

Cognisant that a dead industry could herald the death of the biggest fresh water lake in the region,The Governor had assured of fastracked work on the same and further confided that the company is in the process of digging 21 dams on Mfangano Island to be used as hatcheries for the tilapia fish ahead of mass production in other areas. This is part of our campaign to save this lake and the livelihoods that depend on it.

The project’s technical adviser, Ronaldo Gitana, said the hatcheries will produce 250,000 fingerlings to be distributed to farmers in the next few months to help boost their motivation and replenish the dwindling stock.

Homabay Governor, H.E Cyprian Awiti who has promised to revive the industry.

Fast ahead, preparations are on track and will be pursued once the new executive committee commences work, to assess the storage facilities and source for funds on the same and will give way for the opening up of local and outsourced markets for the valuable items; fish.

A thriving fish industry opens up more job opportunities, reduces if not eliminating, the dependency ratio and opens up Homabay amongst other Lake Victoria hosting counties, to the outer world for more opportunities, ventures and partnerships.

Possibilities are endless in the county of choice.

Mr. Dan Opande, the Guest Writer.

The Guest Author is the Communication Director, Homabay County



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