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Beware: Your pet cat could turn out to be a “monster” carrier.

Author|Janet Maurah|

In the preceding articles I highlighted who this monster “Hydrocephalus” is and in this article, I will try to highlight on one of the major causes of hydrocephalus.

For this one, I did give a first priority because it is attached to the surrounding of most of us and thus I saw it important to shine light on it and with this knowledge, we may be able to initiate a control and preventive mechanism.

I believe most of us have come across cats and some of us have them at home as domestic animals and some as pets.

This is the SHOCKER; Through cats, someone can contract Hydrocephalus.


Hydrocephalus can be transmitted by a parasite called toxoplasma gondii. This parasite is classified amongst immunosuppressive parasite causing opportunistic infections and in particular hydrocephalus, Neonatal Jaundice and Retinal inflammation (can lead to blindness but not always).

Toxoplasma gondii in cats is just a normal flora but to humans, this has been found to be the cause of ailments e.g. Hydrocephalus.

How does Toxoplasma gondii come in contact with humans?

The Toxoplasma Gondii parasite is commonly known as the cat/kitten parasite. This is because these are the major sources of the parasite.

The parasite finds its way into the human body either through an interaction with an unhygienic cat/kitten or by eating food that is contaminated with the cat/kitten faeces. Once in the body the cyst replicates and then releases oocyst into the GIT rendering the profuse replication of the parasite in the body.

The connection of Toxoplasma Gondii with Hydrocephalus?

As Toxoplasma Gondii replicates, it slowly manoeuvres its way into the blood vessels where it further replicates. The effect of this replication is mostly felt in the eye, liver and brain vessels. In the event it (TG) replicates in brain blood vessels, it leads to obstruction in the flow of CSF.

Why is it rampant in infants?

As earlier mentioned, this parasite is an “opportunistic” type i.e. immunosuppressive. And what does this specifically mean? It means it takes advantage of low immunity to attack. Before and immediately after birth the foetus and an infant respectively are found be of low immunity which is a very conducive chance for TG and thus Hydrocephalus.

Actually infants suffering from Hydrocephalus, in most cases they get it from their mothers before birth. How? Remember that an expectant mother does share the same blood circulation cycle with the unborn. And if the mother had contaminated herself with TG then it obviously will get into the unborn baby.

What of prevention measures?

Since Hydrocephalus is hardly curable, its prevention is very paramount which is the main focus of this particular article. This is meant to sensitize and enlighten ourselves towards avoiding this “MONSTER”.

Firstly, for expectant mothers, let’s avoid or rather keep off cats or kitten especially unhygienic cats and if at all we find these small animal around let’s try improve our hygiene by ensuring thorough hand wash before meals, fruits wash is done appropriately. We should wash our utensils properly as well as avoiding those ones used by cats.

I would also wish to advice women to find an opportunity and visit an advance medical facility and seek to witness Hydrocephalus cases, as this will scare away careless living.

To our lovely men, join this fight against Hydrocephalus. Do not let our women go untidy clumsy and lazy. Keep reminding and advising the as it regards proper hygiene and keeping off cats especially during their expectant periods.

Sometimes we become too lazy to even wash fruit before eating. We actually do not mind where they have passed, who or what has come in contact with them. How many time have you eaten dirty fruit by claiming that since maybe you using a clean knife for example to peel off you cool?

Another very important measure we need take into consideration, is that we should practice the tendency of having our meals cooked properly especially meat. This is due to the fact that there are chances that meat is from an animal that had fed on a meal contaminated faecal material of a cat or kitten especially cows which is kinder staple protein of ours. So it is advisable that we cook our meals well, especially cow meat.

Simple as that.

Prevention is always better than cure 💕

Be safe.



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