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Why School fires are an indication of Societal Rot!!

Author Augus Ogao

Our attention has been drawn to the recent incidences of fire outbreaks one at Moi Girls school Nairobi and st Georges.
A school is an industry that has a prime duty of nurturing boys and girls into rational men and women to take up societal responsibilities in future.

Parents take their children to schools with an expectation that the school inculcate virtues to their children, contrary to their expectations schools have been turned into gang training ground, lesbianism and gaysm centers.
Parents are to blame for all these rot, most parents are too busy to monitor the progress of their children, parenting have been delegated to house helps and teachers.

The ministry of education should review some of the policies it set such us the one banning corporal punishment. Students are taking advantage of this policy to engage in some satanic practices since they are aware that teachers hands are tied.
How would you feel to marry a person whose main achievement in school was burning a dormitory?



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  1. This menace of burning schools should end

  2. Not all schools burning are set ablaze by the students. I think your post lacks the authenticity to table facts on the ground. Stop mis information

  3. Hehe marrying someone whose main achievement was in burning schools will be catastrophic.Something needs to be done

  4. Alvin Oketch Ndege

    No mercy

  5. Blames can’t be laid on the parents alone since even the teachers and the students themselves have got a responsibility to proper upbringing and guidance.

  6. Good one. I like this one

  7. Could it be because of exams?

  8. The whole politics is rotten. Politics runs the world

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