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Actualizing the youth empowerment agenda.

Author|Fredrick Sije|

As the Homabay county leadership embarks on its second term, all indicators point to a youth-friendly regime keen on delivering its pledges of having an aggressively empowered youth and women populace; presently considered as the most vulnerable despite their rich potential.

As can be authoritatively confirmed by the youthful Director with the youths’ interests at heart, Hon. Dan Opande, the county will be setting the bar high by setting aside exclusive FIVE positions of County Chief Officers and Directors from the informal sector including small scale vendors and boda boda operators.

This bold move aims to bring governance much closer still to the people as the county leadership aims to fully utilise and uplift the informal trade sector of the county.

Comments from Mr. Opande on Saturday 9th, assure on the questions that might arise in this step,

” The claims that hiring citizens from the informal sector to executive position compromises quality and service delivery is unfounded. These noble citizens have basic qualifications, enormous talent and the county might also facilitate extra training for them to have them equipped with communication and ICT skills.

H.E the Governor is very passionate about uplifting this sector and he will go an extra mile to ensure this well thought empowerment comes to a successful realization. In any case, they’ll be hired on the basis of performance contracting and those unable to deliver will be replaced BUT I am very positive that those who will land these positions will have a heavy sense of responsibility having lived and worked in the sectors they will be expected to uplift and will deliver to make this county better.

I urge as many youths and women to apply for these positions. ”

To the good youths of our county, APPLY is the word.

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  1. At least luo governors are trying. But I hope it’s not just a propaganda

  2. Awiti has started well. Youths are the cornerstone of any growing society.

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