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Why is NASA “borrowing from the poor” to finance their campaigns?

Author|Teddy Mbogo|

The financial donation appeal by National Super Alliance principals Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka has been received in good faith well as ridicule almost in equal measure, especially considering that they’re among the wealthiest people in Kenya and also Kenya’s culture of handouts from politicians during campaigns.

What then could be the motive behind this bold move by the single most powerful opposition figure in Africa ?

There are three possibilities for this.

Could it be just another rebranded quick pyramid scheme sort of trick?
In Kenya, nothing is impossible considering the urge by the poor to get rich and the rich jostling to get richer. Having in mind the fanatical support base NASA enjoys, and their generosity (especially the luos and luhyas) giving ksh. 1000 is no big deal. A rough estimate calculation arrives at billions. If that’s the motive, NASA principals have made a quick kill.

Could this move be a cleverly thought financial cushion in case the opposition loses to President Kenyatta in the fresh presidential elections a month away?
This probably being the last time Raila Odinga is making a stab at the presidency, there are two obvious outcomes. In case he loses, it will be double tragedy to lose an election rerun and also depleting one’s life long savings. Maybe it’s the motive, that the campaigns be funded from the citizens’ own pockets such that in case of a loss, the principals share the loss equally (they, emotionally and supporters financially) with the citizens who contributed.

Could NASA be using this to make the common man own and feel part of the election ?
Could the opposition have thought of a way to ensure the possibility of a loss or victory be shared by common citizens? It’s common for any man to have a sense of worry and concern where he puts money.

If that’s the motive behind NASA’s move, then they’ve thought ahead and this could result in all voters being watchful to prevent the “victory theft” the opposition leaders have been citing as their reason for not being in power.

Still, time will tell.

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  1. Daniel Onditi Akuba

    Tricky. NASA is not poor. We hope the money will be well spent

  2. Ruos are thieves. Now you see?

  3. NASA Wi just get the money they need.

  4. This will make voters part of the government’s schemes and plans

  5. NASA will jufst get the money they need.

  6. You stupid fool. NASA is a national alliance not Luo coming

  7. I hope my fellow commentators will understand the words in quotes.
    The country needs such moves once in a while

  8. NASA is people’s alliance and citizens have good will for it.

  9. The people will not left out in the government. This is true involvement of wanachi in the government.

  10. It will be a shame if both supporters and Raila lose. The loss will never be shared at all.

  11. They will succeed. Wanachi will not let them down.

  12. Mr.Teddy Mbogo this is a good work. The I see is lively.

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