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    Kaka James

    I think one is intrinsically motivated to do something good. But in a case where one feels s/he doesn’t want to do something maybe that thing is bad.

  2. 2

    Nyabuto Irine

    One just control himself or herself. I dont think it can be difficult but if u choose to do something then, u have decided to do it… Why do u need a control? Yet

  3. 3

    Kwalah Trizzer

    Good piece. It inspires a lot.
    Keep it up….

  4. 4

    Isaac Pirate

    If such pieces could be written with an aim to inspire our young ones, they be consistent, I think we have inspired the whole world .
    But still u can make it…

  5. 5

    Phebian Olungah

    Our young children have lost focus. This move I think will open the people responsible for these children mess and take action or put in place the precaution measures to curb the problem.

    They find themselves in a problem and when asked why..they are unable to explain. This is an indication that they understand themselves thus have no self control.

  6. 6

    Jason Mege Debe

    So smart tk tackle such problems. They seem simple but have dire impacts on the lives our children.

  7. 7


    cant wait for the next piece. Such an interesting piece


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