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Children and Hydrocephalus: Why must they suffer?

Previously, I talked about a baby’s plea to mommy not to worry about the bulging head.
Today, I wanna write about my worst case scenario of hydrocephalus while I was on duty.

The night began, cold and chilly. It was in the month of July. Before I set off to work, in order to ensure I was all warm, I had two pullovers on and a Marvin to cover my head. I was hopefully happy that this was another chance all together that that night I would touch a life. Gone were the days when changing a life was necessary.

However, I am certain or rather I do believe that most of what entails my profession is to touch a life and pray that God comes in make a change in that life.
I live each day with an urge of ensuring that in an event my patient unfortunately dies, he/she dies feeling special and loved.

I have come to terms with the fact that it is not always a provision that he/she heals (read me “life changed”). However, I chose to treat this as a calling, to be able to, at the end of it all, develop in them (my patients) that special feeling of happiness and love.

So on this day, a Wednesday, I was out on a night shift and as usual I handled one patient after the other. Work went on well as the night slowly faded away. Suddenly there came in this special case. A case that spelled out a worst night at work up to then.

There came in this mother who had a one year old baby. She clearly appeared not only tired and terrified but also hopeless. The little baby, Anyango, was suffering from a condition known as “Hydrocephalus”. This a condition whereby there is fluid build-up in the brain due to lack proper production and removal mechanisms.

The “Hydrocephalus” had taken toll of her and her head had become very large in size and had surpassed her body size.
In this hospital we suffer one major challenge. We do experience a huge number of reporting patients yet we do not have enough benches in the waiting room and as a consequence many patients are forced to stand while waiting. This was the case with Mama Anyango.

Out of sympathy , I offered her my chair.

Each time I stole a glare at them, my heart pumped harder which was hurting a lot as I really sympathised with the baby. Many questions crossed my mind trying to imagine how the baby was feeling and as to why her with that tender age.

What of the mother?

The many thoughts got me absent minded at work. I lost focus and felt like I needed a place alone to meditate on the issue.
It is always normal as a medical attendant we are perceived to be strong and are required to address patients’ issues accordingly and in time even with a large number of patients, otherwise we are deemed to be heartless and incompetent. We are taken as ignorantly ruthless. However, I can strongly comment that it isn’t our fault at all that such cases come to people’s minds as we try our level best to care and deliver to patients’ expectations by taking out time. “Sorry for that though”

I always believed myself to be more than strong as far as medical issues are concerned but it was not until this day that I realized I had a wrong perception of whom I was with regard to medical issues. This issue has hurt me to date but I pray and hope that little Anyango gets well through medication and that she gets rescued from this monster “Hydrocephalus”.

After admission, I never wanted to make any follow ups to get to know her welfare as I also was trying to heal from my feelings of that night.

Why should young children suffer?


I am sending you my prayers and kisses of love and if God has already had you, may you keep flying.

I want to believe comfort myself that you are in a better place’

Janet M
Medical School, UoN




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  1. Hydrocephalus is dangerous…..

  2. Assuming u hadn’t joined Medical college, you would have not known all these. And I think it would affect you very very seriously.

  3. Early plans saves last minute rush to a which doctor .A stitch in time saves nine

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