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When your boss wants her, your woman.

A friend of mine, the Kenyan representative to Economic Freedom Fighters Movement, Bishop Ndege Serikal is in joyous moods. But that wasn’t so, few days ago.

He was depressed, stressed, in emotional pain and lost not only appetite but also weight. His buttocks reduced in size like a deflated ball; alarmingly !

The cause?
His boss, his employer, had developed strong and irresistible appetite for his woman.

Let’s bring it to perspective,

Ndege works at a top Nairobi bank in a somehow senior management position.

Coincidentally, his (secret; to protect their jobs) fianče is a tea girl at the same institution and like

the cursed love drives, his big pot bellied boss developed interest in the simple but very beautiful girl.

Unknown to the married boss with an easy to open zip, his dependable employee and great friend already campaigned and won votes in the same constituency.

Being the boss, and the girl clouded by her inferiority, the boss had his way but unfortunately wasn’t satisfied, he preferred majority shares in the natural constituency of beauty.

On realization that his source of happiness and emotional nourishment was under invasion, what did Ndege do?

Ndege packed a nice package to the boss’ wife, to the boss’ son and to the boss’ daughter.

To the wife,

Dear Mrs Mbeche.
I know of your love affair with Augus Nyakwar Ogao.
Kindly advise your husband to leave my girlfriend or else I’ll expose you.
And attached Augus’ photo.

To the daughter,

Dear Irene,
Please tell your father to leave my girlfriend in peace. Or I should tell him that you sleep with his friend, Mr Mukenye?

To the son,

Dear Kapiyo,
I’m begging you to advise your father to keep away from my girlfriend so that you don’t beg me not to tell him that you took a loan without him knowing recently to abort your child who his friend, Katuva’s daughter was carrying.

Yours sincerely, A loyal friend.


That evening, there was an urgent family meeting with the head of the house on the crucifixion cross. No-one mentioned their sources but he confessed and begged for forgiveness.

He was forgiven of course and unknown to him, Ndege sighed in relief and regained appetite.


Yours truly,
Master Tactician and Scribe.



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  1. Aty…, when your boss wants your wife?
    Ngumu….. No way my friend…..

    No deal go make on that it’s purely no.
    No…. No….

  2. First this is not a matter of come we talk. It’s as deadly as first the info is gotten.
    Second ,no one can have his nerves functioning normally with this kind of info so what will he do? He will ensure the guy behind his wife is absolutely ruined it possibly maimed.

  3. Death or something close to that. No mercy on such acts. If it were me, I would have excuted somebody. I don’t care whether ni boss ama nani….
    Boss kitu gani??? ¿?

  4. Ndege cowardly acted. He would have thwarted and jabbed or shaken boss’jaws with jabs or anything, any style as long as boss could be subjected to suffering that would pay the ultimate price.

  5. Augus will die helplessly. Unless he changes his habit he won’t survive. Augus has been accused a thousand times with other people’s wives and his days are numbered.