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A priceless Valentine hope

Tear drops be the order of the day,

I love you that’s what I used to say,

For your well endowed appearance always made me to slay,

You are successful because you always pray,

Now hear out my heart in pain as i lay,

With a feverent assumption that you will stay,

However much you may try to walk away,

I need you just like sunshine and hay,

Now am useless like a potter with no clay,

My life is dark only your smile was my ray,

Valentine’s forever to crave.


But for sure one thing I dont regret,

I know you had your priorities set,

And maybe I was not in but just part of the test,

All you wanted was to get the best,

Then reality dawned on you that i wasn’t your taste,

You couldn’t love me neither visualize why to hate,

The best  you decided was to see me as the rest,

You are out of the cocoon while am trapped in the nest,

Someday when you come back I will be in the west,

As a draw pebbles to wipe away my unimagery tears rolling down my chest,

Valentine’s forever to crave.


Photo : courtesy of Cloeshoephotography


By Mazuka P.



About Ras

Intellectual, Kenyan Marxist revolutionary and humanist, military theorist, political radical, Pan-Africanist, writer, poet, loyalist and a humble Rastaman.

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  1. Right on time

  2. Awww what a poem

  3. “Someday when you come back I will be in the west,”

    This line ? you should not leave her

  4. Fantastic
    I love the lyrical flow

  5. Comment…I like it…you are very creative

  6. This is so me.. My current situation. I need to share

  7. Wow its sad but beautiful. Really worth a read

  8. Wow!! Good one

  9. I like it.

  10. Valentine things

  11. Keep the fire burning

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