With the recent unfolding events at the ministry of health in conjunction with stakeholders like council of Governors and the Central government,concerning the nationwide Doctors strike,numerous notions have evolved amongst the public.The public has been hoodwinked into believing the doctors are inhuman,un-law abiding and not interested in the common good of a Kenyan Citizen.Let me put this right,the doctors are right in whichever way.Why do I say this…
The collective Bargaining Agreement was signed in 2013 and encompasses the provisions below
1.The CBA makes sure that more doctors are trained and are all abbsorbed in public service.
2:The CBA advocates for Research funding from the Government that will make sure that clinical trials can be done in our institutions to improve our clinical management and outcomes.
3:The CBA makes sure both National and county governments allocate more money to have hospitals to have well stocked pharmacies and state of art equilments for doctors to use.
4:CBA makes sure that National and county government pay doctors well as per figures that were reached by consesus between KMPDU and government to ensure motivated workforce amongst doctors and mnimise brain drain
5:CBA streamlines on how doctors will be promoted and puts policies on transfers.
6:CBA sets out policies of how doctors will face disciplinary actions when they deviate outside the code of conducts set out by KMPDU
From this what is evident is that whatever the government proposed to doctors was way much outside CBA standings as they never addressed all issues stipulated above.
It therefore comes as a total shocker when a government that signed the same document goes back on its word, like a mother disowning her child. The public shouldn’t be deceived, hoodwinked and misled. Doctors simply want an implementation of an earlier signed deal.
They want an implementation of CBA. If the government gets to have its way on dishonoring this deal’s implementation, every worker in the country should mourn and fear for their work conditions and remuneration.
Implement the CBA!

Sheikh Majiwa



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  1. I stand with doctors in their plight for a better wage increment

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  3. I stand with doctors.

  4. Doctors must get their rights.

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  7. Doctors must get what they were promised.

  8. Quit educative.

  9. Doctors to push for what is rightfully theirs.

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  12. Flip both sides of the coin.

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