For centuries it has been a practice which in its name and reference, rarely any positive word comes round and songs have been composed against it with laws being passed nationally and internationally, just to rebuke it and to persuade masses to loathe and avoid it like Satan.

My view however goes against the current of thoughts which had been established from the beginning about abortion, and I today confess that abortion is a good and pleasurable thing to undertake, and due to this,I bring forth the golden part of abortion:

Abortion give relief to those who got pregnant against their will, like victims of rape. In real sense, come to think of it, will you be proud of walking around with a swollen belly, and in there ( womb) you vividly know it is a child of a dirty and toothless rapist? Of course not, for you will not get peace of mind, such a child would even attempt to rape the mother immediately he is born but if you get rid of it,you will get peace of mind and a lot of it , reducing such risks too.

Safe pregnancy termination save lives of those expectant mothers who are in danger due to pregnancy,for example,ectopic pregnancy. Such a pregnancy puts life of an expectant mother in danger. To help such situation, we will prefer abortion to be carried out to help the mother’s life rather than the risky and uncertain attempt to carry and deliver.

Pregnancy isn’t good news to everyone. To some it is unfortunate and a pointer to bad business. Abortion then helps commercial sex workers to continue with their work and fend for themselves without any interference or burden, as we know in their work, no one will be lured to a pregnant one at any cost,instead people will prefer a polished,beautiful and well perfumed one; delicious to say.

Life has second chances and abortion is one of the ways. It helps the girls who are in the pursuit of the betterment of their future life through education, who by bad luck conceived. It can make them halt not their education process, instead it help them move on with education and be at per with their male counterparts.

Though also considered as murder by unlucky people, abortion in its nature form gives not much guilt compared to killing a renowned person,and whose destiny somehow started to linger, this is because, in the process of aborting, what is gotten rid of, its destiny is unknown, as we know not whether it was destined to be a great leader, gangster, sez addict or a mighty and renowned drug dealer.

I put my pen down.

Beautiful miss, kindly abort.

The writing is purely for edutainment purposes and does not represent the ideas and opinions of the writer’s pastor or mother both of who insist that hell fire awaits those who abort.

Habil Ogaja (Gimalich)




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  1. Waaaah!!!

  2. I concur.

  3. Wilfridah wangari

    Well said though…..

  4. Good one.

  5. Samantha Shantel

    I’m afraid.

  6. Abortion is really a touchy issue and I do come to terms with the fact that people are entitled have different opinion. So in that same spirit I disagree with what you’re saying.

  7. people like you surprise me…

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