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Why I now believe that betting is a universal blessing

A timely enterprise of respite to a population with dashed hopes and heavily weighed down by unemployment and other economic centered hardships. That’s the popular description attached to betting.
Its very mention causes broad smiles to the young, the old, divorced and even to toothless people. All brought together by its social and economic advantages in these trying times.
That this worthy enterprise has opened up economically beneficial opportunities goes without question. From frequent easy wins, bonuses and even the grand jackpots, things are certainly looking up
Patience comes as a virtue in this tax free economic-friendly opportunity. An average citizen would choose to forgo a soft drink, stake the money and in return win money worth heavy supper for twelve consecutive days. How sweet.
The once dwindling interest in sports and football is now aroused. This a positive stride by our youths. All of a sudden everyone seems interested in sports and football. Most lazy youths who had previously chosen sects and crimes as their main Activities have seen the lights and have taken sports seriously as followers, online players and even participants. An inspiring step to appreciating our sports talents. This too, goes without question a result the betting.
The greatest long term contribution of this worthy enterprise is the part of play that requires, involves and also builds critical thinking; the ability of choice and decision making both to the learned and unlearned groups of participants. The ability to correctly analyze, evaluate and predict odds and matches before odds and matches beforehand must be appreciated. This goes along way with nurturing innovation to our citizens.
The level of peace and unity brought about by betting is overwhelming and causes uninterrupted joy to those with the nationalistic influence. Citizens are brought together regardless of their tribe, financial status, teeth color, bleaching extent and even size of ears; all brought together by one common need of assisting each other win. From choosing odds together, waiting for the matches and even celebrating, such rare unity can only be compared to the unity of university students demonstrating along university way. Blessings to betting.
In history, no activity has been able to train people to expect, experience and survive heartbreaks and still smile with hope for the future as betting has successfully done. Losses that characterize betting are met with humble acceptance, unity and determined smiles from lovers of the game and even their family members. To overcome and manage stress, it is prudent to venture into betting as a full time activity.
It is only necessary that the leadership of this country introduces betting into the school curriculum to enable the coming generations to enjoy it unopposed and even shield it from external interests.

This writing is purely for entertainment purposes. The writer, nor any of his in laws to be and even ancestors has any links whatsoever to any betting company and will not be liable in case of losses of income, break up of relationships and loss of appetite or sleep as a result of hugely sweet losses associated with betting and will further not be obliged to attend any funeral in case one loses deliciously and takes his life without mercy.

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