Children are bundles of joy and most women would give anything for that day when they will hold their flesh. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes due to health complications, women may not be able to experience motherhood. This forms a backdrop where surrogacy emerges and becomes the only option.

There are two types of surrogacy, one the child’s genes belong to the biological parents while the other one, the child only has his father’s genes. Surrogacy came into the limelight in 1986, after the famous case of Baby M. The surrogate mother refused to relinquish the baby after the gestational period claiming that she was emotionally attached to the baby and she could not live without it. Just like the OJ Simpson case, that evoked racial feelings, the Baby M case to a large extent provided he platform through which the public and the academic perceived surrogancy. I am now on the look out for a trailer.

Well, studies have shown that most people are against it. The argument against it focus on the surrogate mother and the society. Surrogacy hurts the surrogate mother as she might end up being emotionally damaged after relinquishing the baby. This is clearly seen in the famous Baby M case. Critics say that most of the surrogate mothers are financially unstable and turn to surrogacy as an economic resort. This might be true , but most of them deny the motive and claim that they truly find satisfaction in helping other people. Should we believe them? I do not know. Surrogacy also brings pressure to the society. The reproductive technology further raises the specter of breeding farms, designer babies, cloning and a whole parade of horrors.

This is a touchy topic, and it entirely depends on peoples opinions. Some argue that they have the right to decide what to do with their bodies while others see it as a form of exploitation. Should we embrace the slogan: my body my choice, because after all we live in a permissive society where my dress is my choice.
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