Excelling in higher learning institutions is the desire of every individual who makes it there. It is prestigious and actualizes self fulfilment to have studied and excelled in these institutions.
The success however, is pegged on certain factors, management of these institutions among the determining factors.
The institutions hire and employ qualified personnel, some overrated, to enhance the requisite competence and effectiveness in the service delivery.
The institutions have entrusted academicians, some not managers in the managing these institutions to see students achieve their desired goals in academics.
However, frustrations and dissatisfactions in service delivery negatively paint these noble and coveted institutions. Academicians have completely taken the advantage of the students desire to learn, the Student’s supplication and their academic titles and achievements to oppress students. A professor, full of academic arrogance, will intentionally fail a student or fail to award the marks and will be on the defensive end citing the many students who have excelled under his tutorage. This creates anxiety and academic torture that the students undergo in an attempt to get their marks. Doing follow ups to get the marks will take at least two years and in the end they will frustrate a student morale.
In the process, you’ll find a professor ready to narrate his academic journey and achievements at the expense of the service required of him to provide. Academicians will never fail to remind the student the salutation prefix to their names when they are addressed. They choose when to talk and attend the students. The act that negatively affects the student’s graduation as it delays the process. Unnecessary lengthy channels have been laid from one office to another to keep people waiting and make offices seen to be busy doing something.
With the same attitude, the same class of people are the top heads of our universities from Vice Chancellor’s, their deputies, principals and department heads .
Service delivery to the students is based on an individual’s own emotions and willingness. These are not charity organizations but public institutions where services should be rendered an unequivocal. It is a responsibility and their job to services to students anyway!
What happens in the event that a pure academic personnel, now turned manager and administrator fails to deliver?
A cry is loudly heard in the higher learning institutions! It takes courage to end this impunity.
Learned professors, holders of Doctorates and others in the field should be confined to teaching, research and extension while managers and administrators take up the running of these institutions.
With that, sanity to the once desired and coveted institutions of higher learning is likely to be restored.

Nicholas Otieno.



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  1. Will sanity be brought back to our learning institutions?

  2. Good piece

  3. We crave for knowledge, wake up from cosy rooms to coherently attend our classes ,it’s a sacrifice with must not be ignored

  4. Let consolations be put in place… Voice of academicia

  5. Education is losing meaning gradually

  6. Custermery education should be revived

  7. Higher learning institutions have been in recent years been marked by insanity and inadequate managerial skills amongst the admins. If the sanity could be forced back, our institutions will be the leading c
    entres of excellence globaly.

  8. That’s true.

  9. Great one
    Lovely piece

  10. The face and meaning of education must be protected.

  11. I agree

  12. Education needs reformation

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