In as much as I would want to ignore the repetitive topic: relationships. I just cannot. Relationships affect very aspect of our lives directly or indirectly. Be it our career, health or our aspirations. So many of us (do not deny) fall back to emotional eating after a heartbreak. You see that chicken and all you want do it is tear it apart and finish all of it. In a few weeks time, you have gained a couple of pounds. This affects your health and self-image. Also when a lover terminates a relationship the other partner is left hopeless, discouraged and in most cases some lose focus of their lives. Nothing brings joy anymore even the valid dreams no longer ignites their inner souls.

However, all is not lost, there is a way we can avoid these frequent heartbreaks. “Let us be friends” I can see eyes wide open and raised eyebrows in some of your faces, but I stress this. When you are looking for a partner, you not only want someone whom you connect physically but also a best friend. Many of us skip this stage and later on we realize we might have messed up somewhere. Look at this scenario where you are dating someone and yet you have a best friend of the same gender as your partner. I find it queer.

In my opinion, your partner should be your number one friend. Someone you can trust, share secrets, act dumb when he/ she is around, enjoy the cheap grills life has to offer and a person who has held you down even when things were rough. In some relationships, partners fear each other, they are not free to talk about each others up’s and down’s. If you are in such a relationship, I highly advocate for a breakup. Your partner should make you feel at ease, encourage you to be yourself. Love your faults because they saw and knew about them way long and chose to ignore them. Back then when you were just friends.

Let us say your relationship progresses to marriage. Sometimes your kisses, touches and caresses will not solve your problems, only the value of friendship will. Lucky you if you are best of friends.

When you build your relationship on a foundation of friendship, I can guarantee a smooth sail in the oceans deep. Many couples who have managed to keep the fire burning, have one testimony. “He is my best friend.” “She is my best friend.” They say in unison.

Karey Wangari



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  1. Eeeeh this is true. In fact very true. I hope people learn from this
    Good work Karey

  2. Really?
    Relationship and love confuse further. I prefer the traditional way of running affairs. Love never existed but people led stable families.
    Caring for one another would be key than meaningless love that has not been used in its context in most cases

  3. Relationship and Friendship must coexist for a happy life, waaw so educative thumbs up!!

  4. This is an eye opener

  5. Mmmmmm….. Indeed didactic

  6. That’s a good perception

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