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Buy them fries to get them fat and eventually off the market. Take them out, buy them drinks, to get them fat and eventually off the market. This is the latest invention of mankind. Ladies, beware! I warn you. A new specie has evolved. The men we call “bae” are up to no good.

After facing a stiff competition from other potential suitors, the brains behind this invention had enough and decided to end this. Survival for the fittest my foot. He therefore called a group of men who suffered from the same illness to come up with a plan. “My lady is perfect, every guy wants to get down with her. It is driving me insane and making me insecure. I am forced to always up my game so that she will not leave me” one man said.

This called for action and they buried themselves into books, the internet all in the name of research. For several years their effort was futile. I can witness to their struggle and sweat. However, they seem to have had a breakthrough because I overheard Peskel shouting “Eureka! I have found the solution,Eureka! We just need to feed our ladies with some particular foods and make it seem classy!”

Turns out he is right. These “foods” and “drinks” make us swell up almost bursting. As if that is not enough, our waistline disfigures, the face enlarges, our slender, well-toned hands drop the first and second adjective only to adopt the word;fat. Tight evening dresses are now history because the new specie, type of men, took away the valuable possessions.

When we walk in the streets, we no longer get carnal glances or those whistles , all we get are disgusting looks. Our “baes” are now at the peak of their happiness. We belong to them and now they will not work as hard as they used to in order to keep us. “It has worked !” They say. Though they do not realize they have suppressed the confident, sexy, amazing woman. In return thy will not get the earlier benefits.

The woman is ever trying to get her former shape. She nibbles carrot all day to cut off some pounds and no longer enjoys the sweet delicacies without the fear of adding more junk. Her ego, her high self-esteem has been tampered with. It is not a secret anymore, things will never be the same. Are you happy now? Is this what you wanted? It is such a shame because you have now lost it all.

Karey Wangari



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