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Telkom moves to cancel free data for K.U citing excessive PORN downloads.

It has only been 2 months of free data from Telkom Kenya and the company is about to hit a U-turn on its offer. It is alleged that the communications giant is shocked at how much “filth” the students are downloading through their free data services at thier hostels.
It is reported that an investigation into the matter, has revealed that KU IT students have hacked into the university’s webpage host site and have allegedly infected it with a complex Trojan virus. This reverse algorithm bug, has altered the websites security protocols. This allows the students to use the universities website as a backdoor URL to access any website on the World Wide Web.

It is alleged that the hackers have hidden a link on the Education faculty’s page that allows unlimited access to the web and other banned download websites. IT Security experts at Telkom Kenya were both disappointed and impressed at the complexity of the virus designed by the IT students.
In a written memo to KU Vice Chancellor, Telkom has allegedly threatened to renege on its offer for free data for KU Students. This is after they discovered that students were using the reverse URL service to access and download terabytes of pornographic content and other non-academic material on hourly basis.
Earlier in the week, Telkom said it plans to provide mobile data services to students who cannot access academic materials due to the ongoing rapid building of Kenyatta University.

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