Education is the key to success. The phrase has over the years been used until its validity has almost eclipsed us. It used to carry the much sorted kind of reality that made it sacred and the most important tool of sharpening ones future life. However, it has evolved and carries the exact opposite of the meaning it used to not long ago. One may wonder, if indeed it’s the key to success why then does one have to provide a copy of ID card before being allowed to enter a night club instead of KCSE certificates?

If it’s indeed the key to success why then does our ladies choose men on the basis of the length of their pockets and not on the basis of academic papers and certificates one has? Why then does one have to offer a bribe so as to get away with crimes instead of offering the degrees they have? This leaves one in a dilemma which has enslaved our minds, torturing us from time to time and doesn’t offer any form of alternative solution.

It was revered as a golden way of escaping from poverty and sharpening one’s future success with only sheer hard work in everything one partook. Its benefits were sweeter than struggles while the perseverance one had to undergo was unexplainable. The bitter part in it was the struggles in the journey since the past was a nightmare for everyone. It was a joyous ordeal where great minds could meet and expand on their ideas, invent ideas and more so influence those ideas with an aim of promoting cohesion and togetherness.

Gone are the days that education stood a better life decider. The days that hard work paid and that success was measured by someone’s qualification and academicals honorary awards are long gone. Days where the poor peasants could send their children to school to get education so that they could stand a better chance of prospering and living a better life like the children of the rich tycoons in town. The image education has been given limits the understanding of the common man.

It revolves around emaciated guidelines that overshadow the expectations it has always been given. It has been corrupted, despised, and ill represented, misinformed, and lacks the clear hopes that it was expected to bring. It has been used by the rich to exploit the poor since its being used as an investment tool. The assurance that the harder you work the more your chances of prospering has become a myth, only believed by the old grannies who don’t understand the current systems.

Scornful faces have been the exhibitors of discontent among the people. Industrious work has been replaced by working smartly and in our modern Kenya it’s a matter of how many people you know in a particular field for your success. This misconception turned reality has shunned away great team or individual dreamers as they fear the trend since the narrations scare them away from pursuing their dreams. Everyone laments about this trend and the question we have to answer is whether this is the education system we ever yearned for.

The sooner we reaffirm and establish strong educational sectors that ensure everyone get whatever they work for no matter the social class, the gender of the person,  religion,  race, tribe the better for us as a society. The mediocrity practiced must be eliminated and the common learner be given his/her rightful place and his/her dreams be made real again.

Phebian Olungah.
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