CONGRATULATIONS Cooperative university college of Kenya on your charter reception which now makes you The COOPERATIVE UNIVERSITY OF KENYA. You now proudly join the league of fully fledged premier institutions such as the University of Nairobi since you now share the coveted prefix ‘the’ that so much eludes other institutions. As the UoN students body, we congratulate you and challenge you as well for this charter not only comes with goodies but brings along challenges in equal measure and that means a strong leadership on the Management and of course the Student leadership is required to fully enjoy the now acquired status.
Our binoculars have already spotted a brave general on your land that will bring glory and honour to the CUK students union and surely lead the transition from a college to a fully fledged university.
Fided Ong’era alias “Sir Fided” now take the challenge.
We believe in you and the bravity you got, the heart of service and of course the No-nonsense attitude when it comes to service delivery.
Our cameras spotted this enigma Sir Fided at the Multimedia University of Kenya demos flanking the SONU Chair Babu Owino and the Multimedia University president Omwoyo Maranga for a press briefing on the Langata accident that claimed the life of a Comrade at MMU and we were indeed convinced that this guy is ripe for University politics. Solidarity with a fellow Comrade is core when it comes to serving comrades since when a right of a single comrade is infringed, the rights of other comrades too have been infringed.
We are aware that you have been incorporated in the Campaigns of various national leaders and aspirants in Nairobi county Langata Constituency and the women Representative seat being examples and we know you will do another great Job there and for sure you will learn a lot. That too serves as a show of confidence in your abilities.
The challenge is now on you to make that bold decision, declare to the CUK Comrades that you got what it takes to lead this young university to premiership and you got the majority’s backing. When the right time comes we, Kenya University Student’s Union generals will Marshall ourselves,set foot in Karen and drum up support for you and make your opponents step down immediately since they can’t withstand the heat of KUSO and even SONU generals’ Campaigns.

Go for it Fided

Bruno F.V Cornelius MCB,



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  1. a cool read

  2. We wish you the best

    ? ? ?

  3. Comment…All the best Fided. I know you have all what it takes to lead comrades. Have seen ability in you since when you were my leader at Starehe Boy’s Centre Health Club. Go Fided go. You are the best. The gloves fit you perfectly.

  4. Count on our support.you can consult the wise men of the site and all the best

  5. Hi you so called president of cuk you are letting us down cz u seem to be in a deep sleep aa cz there is nothing that u r doing were are suffering since the hostel fee is the highest among the fully fledged universities in Kenya 12000 is way too much for us unlike other universities like UoN pays around 3100,Tuk 3500 per semester!just to mention but a few…our school data base is a mess pple get sups which they don’t derseve,computer lab network is not there,wifi is not steong and most of time unavailable yet we r paying alot of money for such!shame on you better Babu could have been in CuK to make every comrade powerful n proud of their leaders whom they voted in for serious representation,,,entertainment is only enjoyed once a year unlike UoN where entertainment is organised every last Friday of the month!you are mismanaging our resources aa the president are you this weak to fight for those who brought you to power and yet you are aspiring to become a leader of our community hell no!show as what can do to comrades!Remember,when given power return it back to the pple and they shall give you more and the circle goes on like that!do something we want to be the point of reference to other universities in Kenya and in the world make learning conducive to all….a devastated student of the esteemed world class university CUK

    • Hey Denie vote sir fided n count all the problems in CUK out.. this guy is the one we need for the foundation of new CUK. He will do a great job in that seat, I know him, he never sleeps

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